SEIL was founded in the year 1965 as an initiative of the then members of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad under the presidency of Acharya Giriraj Kishore. Student Experience in Inter-State Living (SEIL) is a trust working with a humble aim of promoting the feeling of oneness among every student of India. The trust was initiated with an aim to promote the feeling of brotherhood between youths from northeast India and the rest of the nation. In accordance with its aim the trust has since then conducted its annual study tour and cultural exchange program that touched the lives of over 1500 students. In its endeavour to forge the bonds on emotional connectedness amongst the youth SEIL underwent the mammoth task of accommodating every student in a local host family where they were treated not as a guest but a member of the family. This initiative helped the visiting students understand local culture and habits better and also helped the host to understand the diversity of cultures that existed in the other parts of the country. Since the inception of the program there has been over 3000 host families who have been touched by the program.

In addition to its continued approach towards national integration SEIL has also been working for skill development, financial literacy and education amongst the youth of North East India. The Yuva Vikas Kendra was started in 2000 with an aim to facilitate a platform for the enriching of energy of youth of North East India for the progress of the nation.


                 OBJECTIVES OF SEIL

1.One Nation - One People - One culture is credo of SEIL

2.Emotional Integration at experiential level

3.Firm Conviction about essential oneness of our nation

4.Highlight similarities in divergent lifestyles particularly of border area

5. Create awareness about remote areas 

6.Providing opportunities to youth to experience Unity in Diversity.




1.Personality Development Program




5.Vocational Short-term Certificate courses 

6.Lecture Programs 


8.Computer Courses 

9.Career Guidance Program.


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